"Tao is recognized as the world's premier
radical hair-boater (extreme kayaker)" -
Men's Journal


Oregon Live - A Padling Superstar - by Laurie Robinson

"This world-famous kayaker grew up without running water. Now he has lots of it."

Internal Affair - 28 Hours with Tao Berman - by Joe Jackson

"Joe the Intern’s primary assignment was to, well, intern for the demanding extreme kayaker."

Sports Illustrated - Fall Guy - by Frederick Reimers

Kayaker Tao Berman redefines his sport with daunting drops.

Rolling Stone - Athletes on the Edge 06 - by Allen St. John

"They're wildly talented, dedicated, a bit crazy - and nearly naked. Meet five extreme jocks who are helping redefine professional sports."

Men's Journal - The Tao of Tao Berman - by Kevin Fedarko

"Because of him, whitewater paddling is one of the fastest-growing sports in America."

Men's Journal - Trailblazing South Africa's Wild Coast - by Matthew Power

"Two fast friends - one a pro kayaker, the other a dirt devil take on the roadless terrain of the Eastern Cape."

Canoe and Kayak - Tao Comes Clean - by Mike Kord

"He's got big-time talent, brains, and money, but does that make him a bad guy?"

Playboater Magazine Cover - Feb / March 2004

Paddlesports Business - High-Stakes Hucks: Tao Knows the Way - by Mike Kord

"Tao Berman is aware of the inherent risks in each of his daring first descents. He’s also aware that every time he’s profiled in a magazine or on a TV show, his sponsors reap the benefits."

Matador Magazine Cover - June 2004

Hooked on the Outdoors - Tao Berman is Super Human - by Christian Knight

Hooked on the Outdoors - Over the Top - by Frederick Reimers

What's the world record for the highest waterfall ever run by a kayaker? It all depends on who you ask.

Whitewater - Tao Berman, 2002 Preworlds Freestyle Champion

Paddle people: Exclusive interview with Preworlds Freestyle Champion Tao Berman 7/1/02.

Two Seconds to Glory - by Christian Knight

A brief account of Tao's two record-breaking waterfall descent.

Who Is Tao Berman? - by Jeffrey Moag

A few accounts of Tao's accomplishments and kayaking feats