"Tao has abilities that absolutely no other boater(s) possess in this day in age."
- Boater Talk, Feb. 15


PUBLIC SPEAKING: Business | School

Motivational Speaking to Businesses

Tao Berman is extraordinary when delivering his special message on goal setting, challenge, and achieving success through hard work! Tao, world record waterfall holder, is recognized as the world's premiere extreme whitewater kayaker. Tao has surpassed all limitations thought possible in his sport through focus, sheer determination, and implementing goals. Tao's business is far from ordinary, mistakes can be life threatening and his success is dependant on hard work, astute planning and precision thinking. Similar to the business world, anything less can produce disastrous results. Tao emphasizes that success comes from strong desire, hard work ethics, and setting high expectations.

Tao's primary objective is to motivate his audience and instill the importance of goal setting. Throughout his presentation, Tao articulately encourages attendees to employ their talents and he challenges them to be their best. Tao teaches the importance of overcoming adversity prevalent in today's competitive business climate. Through inspirational stories, slide presentations, and hair-raising video footage, Tao is effective in teaching qualities that are essential to overcoming obstacles. Tao encourages his viewers to see beyond their fears and emphasizes the importance of harnessing a confident attitude. Tao preaches that anything can be accomplished when you have belief in your abilities. Desire, hard work, and perseverance are imperative to achieving success in today's world.

Tao will tailor his presentation to fit your business' philosophy, interests, and objectives. Whether you seek assistance in goal setting, motivation, marketing techniques, or all of the above… Tao will deliver a powerful message that promises to inspire and entertain!

Photo By: Brandon Knapp

What others have to say about Tao:

Bob Fruehling, Director/Producer - Fruehling Productions & Creative, Inc:
"I recently had the opportunity to work with Tao Berman at Fruehling Productions & Creative, Inc. Tao was an absolute pleasure to work with… his presence and poise was remarkable! With a high energy level, Tao drew parallels between his mind-set towards goals, goal setting, work ethics and being the best you can possibly be; and how these qualities benefit professionals in the business community.
Anyone who desires someone who can speak to business people in a manner that they can relate to on a day in day out basis can feel confident that Tao will deliver with great results".

Tom Penzel, Outdoor Program Director at Whitman:
"Tao Berman came to our facility and gave an entertaining, enlightening and inspirational talk to approximately 150 members. His program was very well presented, mixing beautiful slides and two short videos with great anecdotes and a wry sense of humor. The audience was completely captivated and the feedback was tremendous! The attendees really appreciated the time Tao took to speak with them individually and in small groups, as well as the instant camaraderie he established with them."

Katy McCarney, Administrative Director, Willamette Primary School:
"Tao Berman gave one of the most engaging and motivating presentations we have ever had. For all of us who schedule conferences, we hope, but often don't know if there is any long-term benefit to our students. Those attending raved about Tao's powerful message and the importance of setting and sticking to high goals, even when one is not first successful."

Previous speaking engagements include:

· Verizon Wireless
· Outdoor Retailer Show
· Teva Footwear
· Wave
· Fruehling Productions & Creative, Inc
· Twitch Movie Premier
· Jersey Paddler
· Whitman University
· Willamette School

A Call To Action For Kids

Tao Berman would like to come to your school to present a speech on perseverance, goal setting, drug prevention, and motivation! Tao, world record waterfall holder, is recognized as the world's premiere extreme whitewater kayaker. He is setting new limits in his kayak, which can only be accomplished by sheer determination and setting high expectations for oneself.

Tao's main objective is to motivate students and instill the importance of personal goal setting. Throughout his presentation he articulately encourages students to employ their talents and strive to achieve their goals. He also teaches the importance of choosing a career by integrating personal passions with a job/livelihood that works best for each individual. Through motivational stories, Tao is able to show students how to overcome obstacles in life by taking each individual challenge head on and persevering in the end. It is important to Tao that students have an inner drive and they realize that once they put their mind to something they can accomplish anything.

Tao can make his speech perfect for your school by tailoring it to your schools' philosophy, needs, and interests. Whether your school wants a speech on drug prevention, goal setting, motivation, becoming involved in a career of your dreams, marketing techniques, or all of the above, Tao is able to present these speeches to your school in an inspirational and entertaining way!

Contact Tao today and give your students something positive to talk about!