"Tao Berman is super human" - Hooked on the Outdoors

Q: How much time to you spent per week training for kayaking?
A: During the fall, winter, and spring I spend about 5 days a week training.  My training includes kayaking, working out, and road bike riding.

Q: What is involved in being a professional kayaker besides just paddling? 
A: There is a lot more to being an athlete than just paddling.  I’m working with my sponsors on product development, traveling to photo shoots, filming for TV shows and kayaking movies, giving speaking presentations to kids, working with my agent, and much more.

Q: Why did you start kayaking in the first place? 
A: I’ve always enjoyed sports with risks.  I love the water and heights so kayaking seemed to be the perfect sport for me.

Q. What are some of your personal dreams? 
A: There are a couple of other world records that I would like to set.  But there is a lot I want to accomplish other than just paddling.  I would like to devote more energy to finding ways to use what I’ve accomplished in the sport to give back.  I’m really fortunate to kayak for a living.  I know there are more important things to accomplish in life than just being a great kayaker and I want to be a part of some of those things.

Q: What are some of the rewards of living your lifestyle? 
A: I’ve seen the world because of kayaking.  Some of my favorite countries that I’ve competed and filming in are Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand, Austria, Spain, Italy, Dominican Republic, and Norway.  It’s also fun to hang out with athletes in other sports.  But what I like best is that I get paid to do what I enjoy.

Q: How many first descents in a kayak have you completed?
A: Over 50

Q: Do you face fear when you are extreme kayaking? 
A: I know this doesn’t sound normal but fear has never been an issue for me.  I think that is because of my confidence.  If I think I can run something in my kayak I have the confidence to not doubt myself.  I think fear comes from doubt. 

Q: Aren't you ever afraid of getting hurt? 
A: I would rather not get hurt but I don’t think I’m afraid of it.  If there weren’t risks in my sport I don’t think I would enjoy it.  It’s fun to know that there are consequences if I make a mistake. 

Q: Is there anyone that you want to thank? 
A: Everything I’ve accomplished in the sport has been a team effort.  I owe so much of my success to my great team managers for all their guidance and support.  I also have the best photographer and videographer that I’ve worked with for many years, who happen to also be close friends.  I also really appreciate everything my agent has done.